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DuraCast is your #1 source for underground concrete products in Northwest Colorado. Call us today at 970-819-2798.

Welcome to DuraCast, your resource for underground concrete products. At DuraCast, we construct and install high-quality Cisterns for drinking water and fire protection, Septic Tanks for sewage storage & processing, and Sand/Oil and Grease Interceptors.


“With the first tank Mike brought out, I realized these are nice tanks at a fair price. I’m giving my customer a quality product I don’t have to worry about.”

– Bud Bloomquist of Bud’s Backhoe

We take pride in making sure your installation meets your expectations. Download our specifications for the type of tank you need. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Download PDF for specs

Download PDF’s for Specifications for Four Different Types of Tanks.

1. Water Storage – Cisterns
Download PDF Specs
2. Sewage Storage & Processing – Septic Tanks
Download PDF Specs
3. Oil & Sand Storage – Interceptor
Download PDF Specs
4. Grease Storage – Interceptor
Download PDF Specs